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Blake Thorson

About Me

I'm a Computer Science Student at the University of Iowa (2022 graduate), Software Developer, Full Stack enthusiast, and one of the few surviving COBOL devs. I try to learn something new, and make something ridiculous, every day

I also tutor the following classes and subjects : CS 1 , CS 2, Algorithms, Object Oriented, Web Development, Web Design, Computer Organization, Discrete Mathematics, Python, Java Script, Java, Dart, Node.

Since covid started, I've also started offering free 1-on-1 tutoring and lessons for the above listed subjects. Times are hard for everyone and we need to come together and help eachother in every way we can. Please message / call me for times!

Latest Projects

Mental Metrics - Award Winning Site

A website and mobile app, that received the Good Neighbor award at the Uiowa Hackathon, that helps people to take depression and anxiety one day at a time through managing emotions, stressors, and establishing a self care routine.

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Skyrim to-do

Using Google's Firebase, it allows users to sign in with Google and layout an easy to navigate and manage to-do list for the video game Skyrim. Working on migrating to Google Authentication for an even more secure and worry free experience.

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Benign Drip - A Modern Merch Store

A modern design for a clothing store with animations and custom shaped divs. Built using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery.

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Side Projects:

Win-95 Project Archive: 2021
A stylized collection of all of my code that isn't large, or impressive, enough to be featured anywhere. Holds everything from random py files to class work.
Ecommerce Site: 2021
Built orignally as a mockup for an e-commerce temlplate, a lot of people liked the mockups and designs so I turned it into a functional shop
Jeopardy Game: 2019 - 2020
Built using a Jeopardy API and jQuery, this is a fully functional one player game of Java Script.
Walford, Iowa
+1 (563)-506-8505


Python Expert
Java Script Expert
Java Intermediate
Dart Intermediate

Back End:

Django Intermediate
Node Intermediate
.Net Beginner

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