Blake Thorson

About Me

I'm a Computer Science Student at the University of Iowa (2022 graduate), Software Developer, Full Stack enthusiast, and one of the few surviving COBOL devs. I try to learn something new, and make something ridiculous, every day

Outside of tech, I'm a woodworker, author, and conversationally fluent in Latin.

Latest Projects

Report The Good : an App Aimed at Brightening the World.

Built with Google's Firebase, Report The Good is an application that allows users to report the good things in the world that they see around them. The application isn't publicly available, however there is a version using JS that you can use in browser!

Movie Info - JS Movie Search

This project utilizes the now free Open Movie Database API in order to fetch a list of movies that match the user's search. There are options that allow for a more specific and custom search.

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Jeopardy - A JS based game

Using the Jeopardy restful API, JS, jQuery, and Underscore, This creates a fully playable game of Jeopardy that allows for tagging questions as broken.

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Benign Drip - A Modern Merch Store

A modern design for a clothing store with animations and custom shaped divs. Built using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery.

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Coding Challenges:

Who's that Py-kemon?

The who's that Py-kemon challenge was a challenge to see who's algorithm could identify every single Pokemon correctly, fastest. The only rule was that you had to use only Python

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Walford, Iowa
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Python Expert
Java Script Expert
Java Intermediate
Dart Intermediate

Back End:

Django Intermediate
Node Intermediate
.Net Beginner

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