Omnis Technologae, et Culina Submersa

Of all Technology and the Kitchen-Sink: Documentation

About The Bot

Omnis Technologae, Et Culina Submersa, or Of All Technology And The Kitchen-Sink is a bot that is meant to be able to do a little bit of everything. The main idea is that when I learn something new, or think of something that'd be dumb/ interesting, I'll take some time to code it up for practice and add it to the bot. The bot is not meant as a super serious project, it's simply meant for me to be able to learn and hone my skills as a developer. It also serves to reinforce what I've learned and will learn in the future.
So far the bot employs everything from webscraping, to apis, to natural language processing, and even more.

How to use the documentation

The documentation has all of the commands for the bot broken up into categories are collapsed by default. Clicking on the categories will take you to the start of the section with an explaination of the category, and will expand the category with all the relevant commands. Images have also been provided of the most recent command.

How To Contact The Dev

If you have any questions you can message me on discord at : b9king#6857

Interactions With Other Botsto top

Omnis Technologae is able to interact with other, more popular, bots. A good example of this is that it has Pokedex functionality and broke Pokecord.


Using color averaging, through the PIL library, Omnis Technologae is able to identify images of any pokemon in less than a second. This was utilized to entirely break pokecord.

Food, Drink, and Recreationals to top

Mixed Drinks

~drink (ingredient) will find a mixed drink recipe, using a recipe API, that utilizes the ingredient you have put.

Taco Recipes

~taco will find a random taco recipe, using a recipe API, and return it to you hyper linked with ingredients and a short summary.

Fun & Misc to top

8-Ball Readings

~8ball "question in quotes" will provide an 8-ball reading from the original 8ball answers

Anime Identifier

~anime (url for the image) will identify what anime an image / meme / art is from down to the specific episode through machine learning.

Bible Search

~bibleSearch (word) will return all the results in the KJV Bible for that word.

Cat Facts

~cat will return a random fact about, or relating to, cats.

Cute Animals

~cute will return a random picture of a cute animal.

Image To Ascii

~ascii {true / false} {url of image} will return a version of an image that you can copy paste into discord. The True / False is for if you want it inverted or normal.

Random Idea

~idea will return a random idea that feels like it was pitched by a business major.

Rhyme Finder

~rhyme (word) will return a list of words that rhyme with the desired word.

Steam Game Info

~steamGame (url of steam game) will return a description, rating, and price history for the game.


~weather (zipcode) (country name) will return the current weather for your area.

Wikipedia Article

~wiki "article name in quotes" will return a summary of the article and a link to it.

Movie Database to top

Entirely Random Movie

~randomMovie" will return the rating, genres, summary, and IMDb rating for a random movie from the bot's personal database.

Get By Title

~search "movie title in quotes" will return the rating, genres, summary, and IMDb rating for the movie you are looking for.

Random Movie By Genre

~get (genre)" will return the rating, genres, summary, and IMDb rating for a random movie from the bot's personal database that matches the genre you are looking for.

See Available Genres

~genres will list the available genres in the bot's personal database of movies.

NLP & Text Generation to top

Cards Against Humanity

~cards will employ Markovify to generate ten new white cards for the game Cards Against Humanity using all of the white cards in the orginal game & expansions as its corpus.

Conspiracy Theory

~conspiracy will employ Markovify to generate five new conspiracy theories, it currently employs a small corpus that was scraped from various wikis.

Florida Man

~conspiracy will employ Markovify to generate a new headline about the ever infamous Florida Man. The corpus it works off was scraped from the Florida Man subreddit and contains a couple hundred thousand headlines.

Fortune Cookie Fortune

~conspiracy will employ Markovify to generate ten new fortune cookie fortunes. It works off a corpus of fortunes that have been scraped from multiple sites.

PSAs & Announmentsto top

Covid-19 Information

~Corona will return the global information for COVID-19.

Covid-19 By Country

~country (Country Name) will return all the relevant information in regards to that's country's Covid-19 statistics

Covid-19 By US State

~state (State Name) will return all the relevant information in regards to that's state's Covid-19 statistics

Covid-19 At Uiowa

~Uiowa will return the currently public information about covid-19 in regards to the University Of Iowa.